Parking information shown here may be subject to change. For latest parking information, please view LiveNation listing here.

Parking Lots

Parking is provided to concert guests in the Orange and Pink Lots, opening at 3:30 pm.

VIP and Premier Parking is in the Orange Lot, near the main gate.

Parking Charges

Parking is charged at a rate of $20 per vehicle.

Accessible Parking

Accessible Parking is located in the Orange Lot, near the main gate, and in the Pink Lot, near the Shuttle Bus area.

Drop Off & Pick Up

Guests may be dropped off and picked up in the Pink Lot.

Shuttle Service

Alternatively, a shuttle service is available from Warren Street in Downtown Syacruse, where free parking is offered at the Oncenter Parking Lot/Garage (800 S. State Street. The service begins at 4:30 pm and runs every half hour at a cost of $4 roundtrip. Shuttles will drop guests off in the Pink lot and pick up from the Amphitheater Main Gate.

Sat Nav & Directions

Enter the following address in your Sat Nav system or Google Maps to make your journey easier:
490 Restoration Way, Syracuse, New York 13209